Sony HTST7 HD Review


Pros & Cons:
PROS: Sound quality is terrific! Wall mountable! Football mode. CONS: A bit expensive.

Sony went all out with the technology in the Sony HTST7 HD Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer. This soundbar has 9 individual speakers drivers, with front, center, and dedicated tweeters. This is all powered by seven discrete amplifiers. The surround sound is truly amazing, and works its way around you even though it is all coming out of the soundbar in front of you. Sony is claiming true 7.1 surround, though that can be argued since all the sound is coming from in front of you, the audio does fill the room accordingly.

Key features include 3 HDMI inputs which is pretty good compared to other soundbars. You will be able to plug in your Blu-ray player, or gaming device conveniently! You have two ways to connect your smartphone or tablet. The soundbar has NFC capability and also Bluetooth. With Bluetooth you will be able to stream music easily from your smartphone, or tablet. This feature is so convenient, the ease of streaming music from across the room is terrific. You can also take the soundbar out of standby mode by using your Bluetooth enabled device.

The wireless subwoofer is an added benefit because you can place it anywhere in your room without the mess of speaker wires! The Sony HTST7 is also able to decode Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-HD Master Audio. You will hear audio the way it is intended! Sony uses technology called S-Force with this soundbar. S-Force delivers a breath taking powerful surround sound without connecting additional speakers throughout the room. This technology is amazing to hear, and you will not be disappointed.

Other features include magnetic fluid speaker technology which in short will reduce distortion in your audio. IR repeater pass thru is such a nice plus to this soundbar. This means you can place the soundbar in front of your TV and it won't block the television remote control signal. It just passes the signal through! Football mode, has Football mode which gives you true to life stadium sound! Music has crystal clear sound quality due to the harmonics equalizer. You will hear sound like you never have before!

In conclusion, if you are looking for a high quality soundbar, and don't mind shelling out some bucks for it, then this Sony is the one for you. The rich bass from the wireless subwoofer sounds great, and the wireless technology is a very cool feature. Packed with features, technology and options, you will not be disappointed, and with Football mode, you friends will be in WOW when they here true to life stadium sound. If you would like additional specs and information, check out the product page from Amazon by using the link below.

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