LG BH9431PW Review

LG BH9431PW Review

LG BH9431PW 1460W 3D Blu-Ray Theater System
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LG BH9431PW 1460W 3D Blu-Ray Theater System is an incredible entertainment center for your living room featuring 9.1 surround sound with vertical audio for a truly amazing experience. The wireless rear speakers and subwoofer means you won't have to mess around with wires for a much cleaner look in your living room. Packed with technology from network capabilities to 3D Blu-ray you will have the best system money can buy so you can sit back and enjoy a movie theater experience right in your own home.

Key Features:
Aramid fibers will give you pure sound with minimal distortion. Blu-ray and 3D disc player with 1080p upscaling. Network capabilities with streaming from many providers such as Netflix and Hulu.

Additional features include built in WiFi connectivity so you can take advantage of internet access. You will be able to stream content from Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu, YouTube, and much more. This system also has DLNA which means you can use your PC, Android, or other tablets to access your digital files. This system also boasts 3D sound with sound zooming for a fully immersed experience. A handy USB port so you will be able to plug in your iPod, iPad, or iPhone right into the player. 2 HDMI inputs are available.

LG BH9431PW Review
Other features include Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD, DTS, and DTS HD decoding. This system will also play music CDs, MP3, MPEG 4 and most other formats, so your options are limitless. If you would like to listen to the FM radio, an FM antenna is also included. LG has really out did themselves with the powerful 1460 watt LG BH9431PW theater system, the sound quality is truly out of this world with with 9.1 channel immersive sound. You will get an amazing home theater experience.

In conclusion if you want a system that has comparative sound to a Bose with abundant features, then this home theater system will be perfect for your living room. Music, movies, and video games will be greatly enhanced by the immersive 9.1 channel surround sound with tall boy speakers. You will feel like you are in the action. You will have two color options with your purchase, black finish, or black and gold finish, both are a very stylish design. If you would like detailed specs and buying information, use the link below to be taken directly to Amazon.

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